So who are you?

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My name is Chen Hui Jing. I first dipped my toe into the waters of web development when I built my first HTML website in 2008 for the Malaysia Basketball Association.

From there, I discovered the existence of content management systems and migrated the site over to Drupal. I stopped working on the site a year later and put my web development journey on hold (the original site no longer exists either).

After a 4-year sabbatical (from web development), I decided to restart this journey by diving in head-first this time. In September of 2013, I got a job in the web industry and this website chronicles my experiences as I learn new things, fail spectacularly and make cool stuff along the way.

I also co-organise Talk.CSS, a meetup around all things CSS, with Chris Lienert. The idea for Talk.CSS was born on the Kopi.JS slack channel on October 26, 2015 and within 2 hours, we had a logo, a Gitter channel, a account, a venue for the meetup and a couple speakers. Colour us efficient 😎.

Right now, I’m a Developer Advocate for Nexmo, as well as a Mozilla Techspeaker.

Sure. I love playing basketball and did so full-time for 6 years until the end of 2011. I still play recreationally now and will continue to do so until my legs say otherwise.

I also love to draw, though I do less of it now. At one point in time, I customised canvas sneakers for friends and some random clients under the name FUZN designs. The Facebook page still exists, though on an indefinite hiatus.

I play a lot of video games as well, mostly on my PC now since I built my own gaming rig in 2012 (It’s still running beautifully, might I add). I also got myself a PS3, almost 10 years after it was first released to play a bunch of exclusives I always wanted.

Oh, and I cycle everywhere on my trusty second-hand Muji commuter bicycle.

Elsewhere on the interwebs

Some lovely human beings were willing to hear what I had to say, or thought I was reasonably interesting to write about, so thank you to these people. 🤗

So how was this site built?

With blood, sweat and tears! Nah, I’m just kidding.

This is a Jekyll site, hosted on GitHub Pages. It was built after months of procrastination and hours upon hours of pressing ⌘-⇧-R, resizing windows, googling and of course, actual coding. This site is a constant work-in-progress as I add tweaks, features and content.

Since Jekyll is a static site generator, everything here is HTML, CSS and JS.

No PHP, no Ruby, no Python, nilch.